BytesCanPush Technologies Co.
Pushing the boundaries of visualization

The main product of BytesCanPush Technologies Co. is Graphesent Anim software:

  • Intelligent diagram visualization software.
    → This smart software might save your time. Flowcharts, mind maps, etc.
  • Create animated diagrams for mobile viewers.
    → Reach out to your audience in a better way.
  • Automatically animate the diagrams.
    → Enjoy the comfort of automation.
  • Improve your presentations with animated diagrams.
    → A good job deserves a good presentation.
  • Create professional regular diagrams quickly.
    → Regular diagrams are still in use.
  • Create 360° VR videos from diagrams.
    → Don't forget the new trends.
  • The software requires 64-bit Windows 7 or higher.


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